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Brian Ozinga – Santa Monica, CA

“…everything is streamlined with a purpose…” “I have spent considerable time, money, and effort in the past on various martial arts like Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, etc. and after the success of this weekend, I wish all those other “Arts” would give me a refund. Never feel like you waste any time. Everything is streamlined

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Dirk Van Til – Traverse City, MI

“…intense, fast paced, most hands-on and very practical…” “Intense, fast paced, most hands-on and very practical. Instructors prepared us for the brutal reality of real world criminal violence and how to deal with it mentally and physically. As someone who has a significant physical weakness due to injury and surgery I was still able to

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Miyamoto Musashi

“An attack must be executed with quickness, not speed. Attack with power, not strength. There is a great difference between speed and quickness, power and strength. Think this through carefully. It is the essence of strategy” Miyamoto Musashi

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Kris de Jesus – Las Vegas, NV

“…It gives me a lot of confidence. I don’t feel helpless…” “I like martial arts a lot, so I’ve trained 4 or 5 times a week for years. I’ve done a lot of tournament fighting. What I like about TFT that was so different is the shift in mindset. In martial arts it’s all about

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Omar Habbas – Las Vegas, NV

“…the course is invaluable and i want to continue training…” “One of the biggest benefits I received is the fact that my perception or attitude about fighting has changed. I always thought about being in a defensive position and then striking. But now I feel the confidence of striking my attacker first when he starts

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Brian Kay – New Jersey

“…Enter TFT… finally, a simple, no-nonsense, straightforward…” “All I can say is – why didn’t anyone tell me about you sooner? Most people waste countless years searching for the answer to the question, “How would I defend myself (and my family) in a life-or-death confrontation?” That question leads many down the wrong path — they

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John Coleman – New York, NY

“…It’s incredible. I’m so empowered after just 3 days. It’s just amazing…” “After learning all the strategic and tactical stuff, I can really take action. It’s incredible. I’m so empowered after just 3 days. It’s just amazing…”

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Larry Reed – Maple Valley, WA

“…this met and exceeded my expectations…” “This met and exceeded my expectations. The material was well presented and understandable. Having attended a [competitor’s live training] I had familiarity with some concepts presented; however the presentation at TFT was much clearer. This is not for sport or competition and is unlike anything you will get elsewhere,

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Jason Woodard – Reno, NV

“…you receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting…” “You receive an education in the true dynamic of fighting and the full implications of violence, positive and negative.”

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