“…the approach & philosophy of his training will be with me forever…”

“I can say without hesitation that after two days with Tim I know that if I were placed in a situation where I would have to protect myself, my friends or my family that I would be prepared. The few black and blue marks, the “lost” gorgeous weekend, and the lost time with my wife and children were small prices to pay for gaining the skills which I feel I possess now.

Hopefully my wife and children will never have to appreciate the training I received but there is great comfort in knowing that I am far more prepared now for some of the dangers of this crazy world than I was before I met Tim… as Tim notes, the approach and philosophy of his training will be with me forever. By the way, I can’t have a conversation with my friend whom I convinced to come to the course without discussing our weekend with Tim. He too feels that what we learned was invaluable.”

Philip Lakritz
Holmdel, NJ
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