“…took my training to a whole new level…”

“I have been in the private security/personal protection business for over 13 years, and I am a Qigong instructor as well. I sometimes have to go armed and when the opportunity presented itself I took the best hand gun training available (Front Sight). When I was recommended your program as the best source for personal protection, I was pretty skeptical. But the recommendation coming from who it did (Dr. Piazza at Front Sight) was the deciding factor. MAN! I cannot tell you how glad I am to have your training series. Your book and DVD’s took my training to a whole new level. It’s given me back the open door to a worry free life. In today’s rapidly declining political environment the world can be a scary place. After your material I now know that I can have that “hard knot” of violence ready to use if and only if the need arises. I can be the happy guy my wife married, and still be comfortable knowing that I can protect myself and my family.”

Paul Heller
Lancaster, CA
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