“…doing things that will impact my life forever…”

“Frankly, I went to Tim Larkin’s training kicking and screaming. I truly had no interest in attending, being part of the practice time, or wasting time learning skills I know I would never use. But through the constant, gentle, persuasion by (a friend), I attended.

“When I arrived at the training, I sat in the back of the room with a “try to teach me something, Buster” attitude.

“Within minutes, I was hearing, seeing, and doing things that will impact my life forever. Instead of wasting hours learning foolish poses and practicing deep grunting sounds or higher pitched screams, we spent just minutes learning simple, basic skills that carry awesome power – power to protect yourself and your loved ones in almost any imaginable situation.

“By the end of the training, Tim transformed me from a disgruntled seminar captive to a disciple of his astounding techniques. The most powerful impact though came just two days later – September 11, 2001.

“As the details of the horror of that day unwound, it was revealed that the terrorists held the planes and hundreds of people captive with box cutters and penknives.

“I sat stunned. Just two days earlier Tim taught us how to effectively handle this very situation.

“Today I feel confidence – not arrogance, but confidence – that should I be involved in an unavoidable situation that could cost me or the ones I love our safety or our lives, I, 5’ 8” 148lbs Paul Hartunian could protect myself and others and make the attackers give very serious thought to going into another line of work.

“Tim’s techniques are so simple that an energetic 14 year-old, a sedentary 48 year-old, or an elderly 76 year-old could learn and execute them with ease. If you think you’re protected by your health insurance you’re sadly mistaken. Without Tim’s training your health insurance will only be able to help you pay for the damage inflicted on you by your attacker.”

Paul Hartunian
New Jersey
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