When you’re too close to draw your gun and the attack happens too quickly to get out your knife or any tactical weapon…
you need training to fill the gap.

New Scientific Studies From Russia Show How 6 Hours Sitting in a Chair Could Save Your Life from a Violent Criminal Attack

Now you can turn the criminals “rule book” to your advantage even without spending a minute on a mat practicing these “lethal force” moves.

In fact, Target Focus Training creator Tim Larkin was banned from teaching this material in England… and… from even entering the country, period! However, this information is the only kind of its type. It can truly show you how to survive an extreme “do-or-die” confrontation. Reader discretion is advised!

From: Tim Larkin
Las Vegas, NV


Dear Friend,

In a matter of a few hours, YOU can learn to turn the tables on a bad guy who wants to take you out.

You can be equipped to end any random act of violence on your terms.

In a mere six hours, you can WATCH your way to self-protection skills you can always count on.

Skills that could be life-saving… for you, or your family.

Because you’re about to see irrefutable proof that you could fast forward through years of training…

…and have the ability you need to survive a vicious attack in a matter of hours.

Yes, I know that’s a HUGE claim.

One I don’t take lightly.

But it’s true, and you’ll see proof.

No matter your size, speed, athletic ability or physical limitations, you’re about to discover the secret.

Here’s an example from the real world…

Let me tell you about Bob and Carl.

Every morning, Carl would pick up his pal Bob on his way to work.

Bob’s a little slow in the morning, so Carl always had time to read or watch TV while waiting on him.

One day, Carl noticed Bob had a set of new self-defense videos… and they intrigued him.

So one morning, he popped in a recording and watched.

Over the next few days, Carl would catch 10 or 20 minutes of the videos while waiting for Bob to get ready.

And in a few weeks, Carl had watched the entire series.

He never practiced any of the moves… he just watched, intently.

Little did he know the impact these recordings would have on his life.

See, almost a year after finishing the series, Bob and Carl hopped on a subway in New York City on a computer assignment.

And within minutes, they were attacked by a small group of street thugs.

Here’s what Carl wrote me:

“I still don’t know who started it but in an instant all hell broke loose.

It was pretty ugly but fortunately didn’t last long.

While we had our share of cuts and bruises fortunately nothing serious.

But the reason I’m writing you is the fact I still can’t believe that from the moment things went bad I realized I was using the same moves I’d seen demonstrated on your videos even though I’d never practiced them once.

I just watched the videos, that was it.

And when we were attacked, I didn’t even think about what I was doing, I just did it.

Anyway, thought you would like to know because your videos don’t mention this.

Thanks guys. Those videos helped save us from a real bad situation.”
—Carl P., Brooklyn, NY

What was the video series that saved Bob and Carl’s bacon?

The Target Focus Training Foundation series.

Now I know what you’re thinking… maybe this was a one off occurrence.

But it’s not.

The principles behind this phenomenon are undeniable.

In fact, I’ll share the science behind
how it works in a moment.

But first, let me share another story…

This one, from Jessie, who just showed his girlfriend something he learned from the series.

But first, let me share another story…

This one, from Jessie, who just showed his girlfriend something he learned from the series.

“I want to extend my heartfelt thank you for imparting your knowledge to me. A week ago, my girlfriend was at a bar with a couple of friends having a good time, and a predator chose her for a victim. He followed her to the bathroom and pushed her out of a nearby exit, pinning her right arm behind her back.

She was terrified, but what came immediately to her mind was a light-hearted conversation she and I had a few days prior.

She jokingly told me that if something happened she'd "punch them in the forehead." I laughed, but showed her that she should never use her fist and instead use her forearm, and aim for the neck and throat.

All she remembered during the attack was me showing her how to use her forearm. She swung with her left arm--without looking--and thank God she connected perfectly right on the side of his neck.

She ran back to the door and glanced behind her at the predator, and saw him lying on the pavement unconscious!

She made it back home safely that night and told me the story, but the next morning she remembered nothing at all...the man had slipped something in her drink.

Just knowing that she could do SOMETHING empowered her to act, and I am so grateful that she did.

She is a mother of three, and thanks to you all at TFT she will continue to be here for her children. Thank you.”
— Jesse Teale, Wisconsin

Another rarity?


Just a few days ago, I received this email from a man in Israel who had viewed this powerful material:

“I was walking one evening in the old city of Jerusalem with a friend when we were attacked by 2 Arabs wielding knives, the first instinct that I had was, Freeze.

Period that simple.

My friend however just jumped up curled up like a ball and stayed put, too shocked even to yell for help, which obviously made him a very easy "stabbing bag".

Now after like 2 seconds which felt like an eternity, I did what TFT teaches... and I'm alive and thank G-D, managed to save my friends life! Thank you Tim!
Please do not use my name in above story, as I'm not completely finished with the legal system.”
— Anonymous

Look, every day, criminals are sizing you up, looking to make a score.

Maybe to fuel an addiction, or to get the money to cover rent, or maybe just for the sheer thrill of pummeling a fellow human being so they can feel better about their miserable lives.

I’ve spent thousands of hours dissecting the criminal mindset and know exactly what you’re up against.

And the result of this obsession has saved many lives.

Make no bones about it, if you’re over 45 a criminal assumes you’ve lost a step from when you were young and vital.

And no matter what your background was, a criminal doesn’t see you as capable of defeating him.

To a thug, all he sees is a wallet, a watch, a ring.

All things he can easily turn into cold, hard cash.

And just like a shark, he preys on the weak.

In his mind, you are weak, just because you’ve taken a few more laps around the sun.

So he’ll take whatever he wants.

Even if it’s your very life!

But today, I’ll show you how to fight back… and win.

And it’s far easier to achieve than you would ever believe.

After just a few hours of sitting on your couch, sipping lemonade, you could transform into a bad guy’s worst nightmare.

And deliver a butt whipping he never saw coming…

No matter your size, your strength, your mobility, your speed, your age… you can put an attacker in the hurt locker.

And you won’t need to sweat buckets, get mat burns or bruises from sparring partners.

Again, this isn’t pie in the sky.

It’s backed by scientific principles… as I’ll share shortly.

First, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tim Larkin.

I’m the creator & founder of Target Focus Training. (Also known as TFT.)

I started as a former Naval Special Warfare military intelligence officer, but little did I know I’d spend my life helping people save their lives… or the lives of those they love most. 
For over 25 years I’ve been well-known in the self-defense & close-combat training world.

I’m the behind-the-scenes trainer when it’s
“kill-or-be-killed” to elite operations such as:

Black Belt Magazine has featured me (and my training methods) many times over the years—including multiple covers—and, in 2011, they named me… Black Belt Magazine’s Self-Defense Instructor of the Year.

While at the same time… Inducting Me Into The Black Belt Hall Of Fame.

The same year the U.K. Home Secretary banned me from teaching my methods in England… and… even entering the country, period! 


Because liberal politicians would rather see citizens keep their heads in the sand in terms of defending themselves from violence.

And answering violence WITH violence shocks the living daylights out of them.

“Tim Larkin’s teachings are the most effective, thoroughly tested, and reliable way to ensure your safety, confidence and self-assurance.”

–Tony Robbins
Life Performance coach
Self-help author

I’m author of The New York Times best-selling book, Survive The Unthinkable: A Total Guide To Women’s Self-Protection… and… co-author of another best-selling book, How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life

In short, I’ve dedicated my life to helping people defend themselves in a world gone mad with violence.

But before that fateful day of 9/11, I only worked with government agencies.

You see, in the wake of the Twin Towers attack… and the world becoming an even more dangerous place, I decided to help ordinary people learn extraordinary skills to defend themselves.

Skills you can learn in a matter of hours.


Using Scientifically Proven
Accelerated Learning Technologies

If you think the stories I shared above seemed unbelievable, I get it.

After all, you don’t hear stories of people saving their lives by watching a set of recordings every day.

Yet the same science behind this principle has been used by elite athletes for years to achieve amazing performances.

What is their secret?

The science of newly discovered mirror neurons.

Without delving too deep into the science, let me explain how they work.

A simple example you may be familiar with is looking at a baby and sticking out your tongue… and the baby, mimics you… sticking out a tiny tongue at you.

Essentially, the baby’s mirror neurons mimic your action.

You could call it imitation learning.

And famed neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran has described “Mirror Neurons and imitation learning as the driving force behind ‘the great leap forward’ in human evolution.”

Sure, you’ve used mirror neurons as a baby to imitate others.

You’ve also used them to learn how to speak.

Robert Provine, Research Professor/Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland calls their role in human development “the most important unreported story of the last decade.”

There is still much to be learned about how the mechanism works, but what we know so far shows intent turbocharges the activation of mirror neurons.

That means watching something with the intent of repeating it kicks your mirror neurons into action.

Here’s an example from a study done by Australian psychologist Alan Richardson using basketball players.

Richardson chose three groups of students at random.

None had ever practiced visualization.

The first group practiced free throws every day for twenty days.

The second made free throws on the first day and the twentieth day, as did the third group.

But members of the third group spent 20 minutes every day visualizing free throws.

On the twentieth day Richardson measured the percentage of improvement in each group.

The group that practiced daily improved 24 percent.

The second group, unsurprisingly, did not improve not at all.

The third group, who visualized shooting, did 23 percent better — almost as well as the first group!

Clearly, when the mind sees what you want your body to do, it “remembers.”

Let me share another example from the world of athletics.

In the 1980 Olympics the Soviet Union did the following scientific experiment to boost the skills of their athletes:

1- Group one did 100% of physical training.

2- Group two did 75% physical training and 25% mental training (visualization).

3- Group three did 50% physical and 50% mental training.

4- Group four did 75% mental and 25% physical training.

Result: The fourth group showed the greatest improvement in performance.

The Russian Olympic coaches concluded that mental training (creative visualizing) produced the following:

  • Increases personal motivation.
  • Boosts athletic confidence due to visualizing themselves winning events.
  • Improves attention span by eliminating distrations.

So what does all of this mirror neuron science have to do with you?

It means by watching sequences YOU want to learn… WITH the intent of repeating the actions can give YOU results almost as good as practicing!

Of course when we’re talking a potential life-or-death situation, a bit of physical practice is smart.

In fact, I recommend it, because the stakes are high when it comes to your safety, or the safety of your family.

But the science clearly shows you don’t have to.

And the stories I shared earlier prove it.

So how can you use this information to insure you can protect yourself and others?

All you need is the right system, where you can view and mimic perfect form… and you’ll never be a victim.

And the truth is, you could be ready to walk away from a brutal street attack as soon as tomorrow.

Not only you, but the ones you love won’t become one of the thousands of victims of violent crimes that occur every day, like clockwork.

Look, you may think carrying a pistol means you don’t need to learn hand-to-hand fighting skills.

But you’re wrong in most cases because…

Why Is TFT The Perfect
System to Mimic?

No other system on Earth engages your mirror neurons like TFT.

Why is that?

First, other defensive systems and traditional martial arts depend on complex movements that MUST be continually trained.

And as far as your brain is concerned, these complex movements are NEW movements, which means your brain has no frame of reference to repeat them.

On the other hand, TFT uses simple movements you have likely performed time and time again. Once your brain recognizes these simple, familiar movements, your nervous system easily recruits the muscles necessary to perform them.

And finally, the TFT recordings demonstrate all of the movements using perfect form… plus they are demonstrated using multiple angles.

Which is just what your mirror neurons need to mimic them perfectly!

So to get the most out of watching the videos, watch the first set of Lessons  as quickly as possible. No need to take notes, or pause to practice. Just let the information soak into your brain, with the intent to use it. (Critical.)

Then, once you’ve gone through the first six Lessons, you will have the basic movements down to a point where you can recall them as needed. Which means after about 6 hours, you’ll be capable of defending yourself from violence.

After that, the second set of Lessons will take everything a few steps further.

Just watch a chapter at a time, and if you do not intend to physically train… visualize each movement a few times in your mind to lock them into your nervous system.

That’s all you need to do to take advantage of this revolutionary training system.

“I’ll just go for my gun”

If you’re a “good guy with a gun”… I’ve got news for you.

Even if you’re one of the very few folks who carry concealed EVERY DAY… your pistol is NOT the “security blanket” you may think.

That’s because most acts of violence occur within INCHES, leaving you no time or room to draw your weapon.

And even if you do manage to draw it, the fact your attacker is so close means he could easily disarm you… even use your own gun to “take care of his business!”

The same things can happen with any weapon, whether a knife, a tactical pen or flashlight!

That’s why for “complete” protection… you NEED to be as effective fighting hand-to-hand, at close quarters, as shooting one-hole groups.

TFT simply helps make certain you have ANY situation covered.

The Vast Majority of Violent Crime Starts From INCHES Away!

And from that close, you don’t have ANY time to draw your weapon.

That means you’re down to hand-to-hand combat… for your life.

What’s your life worth?

The life of your wife… or your daughter?

I’m sure the lives of your family are worth a lot.

Priceless, in fact.

That’s why I want to share life-saving information, essentially force feeding it to you while you’re sitting on the couch drinking iced tea.

Look, if a guy’s girlfriend saved her skin because of what she learned third-hand…

… this powerful system can work for you too.

But there’s something important you should know first…

Violent Criminals Have Their Own Rulebook

And if you don’t pull out a page from it… your chances of survival in a savage surprise attack are miniscule.

You need to up your odds by “flipping the switch” that allows you to do what needs to be done.

See, if violence happens, you need the skills to prevail.

And unlike traditional martial arts, my system doesn’t take years to master.

In fact, it’s not unusual for career martial artists…with one or more blackbelts…to come to me when they actually have a threat to learn how to protect themselves.

Look, my friend, Tony Robbins says “repetition is the mother of skill.”

And that’s so true with martial arts and combat sports… as well as about anything you want to master in life.

But TFT is much different.

That’s because TFT doesn’t rely on memorized techniques, which must be practiced.

Instead, it relies on targets.

That’s why you’ll get a catalogue of targets, so you can always recognize the best opportunity to inflict injury.

From any angle.

Any position.

Any circumstance a bad guy may put you in.

You may not be the first to move, but you can be the first to strike.

And you’ll be armed with principles that are drop dead simple.

That’s why I can tell you that you don’t need to practice the hours upon hours you would need to put into martial arts techniques.

In fact, you don’t have to practice at all to take advantage of this devastating system.

However, you’ll need a strong stomach.

You see, the criminal rule book has only one entry.

How to Deal With
Multiple Attackers

At TFT, we ALWAYS assume multiple attackers.

Because when you think about it, you want to be prepared for the worst.

That’s why TFT has built a systematic approach for dealing with multiple attackers.

You’ll get cutting-edge tactics for getting out of chokes, grabs and hold and learn how to take out attackers one at a time.

But it’s not just fighting tactics you’ll get.

See, your most powerful weapon is your mind, and you’ll see how to virtually reprogram your “hardwired” responses and replace them with “Battle Zen.”   

Win at any cost!

And that’s exactly the mindset you’ll need if you don’t want to be a victim.

You can’t play by one set of rules – while your attacker plays to win at any cost.

Force must be applied to force.

Look, the vast majority of street thugs have ZERO training.

So once you know more than they do, and you adopt a survival mindset to match violence against violence, you’re in the driver’s seat.

It doesn’t matter how big or small you are.

It doesn’t matter what kind of physical shape you’re in.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a few physical limitations brought on by age.

But as I mentioned,  you’ll need a strong stomach.

In fact, a “former” Marine, (he says “once a Marine, always a Marine), wrote me this:

“As I first started with your training, I noticed feeling almost physically ill at the savagery of it. The thought of potentially killing someone was disturbing. But the more I was exposed to your system, I realized if it’s me or them… it’s definitely going to be them. Thanks for the wakeup call to help me do what I need to do if the situation arises; I owe that to my family.”
—Mike Morgan, Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho

Actually, Mike had a normal reaction.

See, good people don’t see violence as the answer in their everyday lives.

Differences vs similarities

While almost all self-defense programs focus on the differences, like how an attackers size, speed or strength needs to be neutralized, TFT takes a new, revolutionary approach.

Because, TFT focuses on similarities.

What does that mean?

It means TFT focuses on what makes EVERY human being vulnerable.

Even the biggest, nastiest thug has eyes, joints, necks, throats, groins, solar plexuses and other points YOU can use to level the playing field! 

That’s why TFT gives you the World’s greatest collection of vulnerable targets you can exploit… even if you’re physically outmatched.

The tactics you’ll learn in TFT work if you’re a 97 pound woman or a 65 year old who has “lost a step” from his younger days.

But when violence knocks on your door, the only answer is matching, even exceeding that violence.

If you freeze, cower or try to negotiate with a thug, you may end up in a body bag with a trail of mourning friends and family members.

That’s why you NEED to make peace with yourself and realize answering violence with violence is perfectly acceptable in a life-or-death struggle.

After all, your family would want you to do whatever you need to do to survive. 

And now you can, quickly and efficiently.


Let me introduce you to…

foundations 1 and 2


Welcome to the newest evolution of what has been called, “the most devastatingly-powerful, scientifically-proven self-defense system in the world today”. 

Along with my Master Instructors, we’ll show you simply, with plain English and crystal clear instruction how to quickly stop any attacker dead in his tracks by inflicting crippling pain from injury to easily-damaged body parts…

… body parts that can’t be strengthened and are equally vulnerable, even on the biggest of brutes.

You’ll learn to do this by using simple, intuitive movements you can instantaneously and automatically recall and do… even if… you’re non-athletic, small or out-of-shape.

Here is what’s including in the package:

For the first time we’ve uniquely broken this product into 2 distinct parts.

Part 1 is the actual “Live Class” video.  Consisting of 6 Lessons, you’re right there on the mats to watch the detailed training interaction of instructors with the class.

You’ll learn TFT’s proprietary  approach to “Target Assembly” and “Free Practice,” hear live Q&A, see what works & doesn’t, watch instructor correction of participants, and much more. 

Other times, you’re a fly-on-the-wall, listening to “…explanations that would befit a trauma specialist…” as Mark Cheng, Columnist and Contributing Editor for Black Belt Magazine and Director/Sifu for the Chung Hua Institute in Los Angeles noted after attending a live TFT class.

Here’s a description of each “Live Class” Lesson and some, just some of the tips, tricks, secrets and fight-ending TFT methods you’ll discover:

Live Class, Lesson #1

The Mechanical Facts Of Violence

Introduction by Tim Larkin, TFT Creator and Founder

  • Why athletic ability, size, speed and strength is not a necessity to win in a violent encounter. You’ll learn how to use space and body weight to tip the playing field with bad guys in YOUR favor.
  • How TFT differs dramatically, (and is actually safer to train), than other systems that employ a “last man standing” training philosophy!  (In fact, safety is a by-product of TFT.)
  • Who the most wildly-effective people are at using the tool of violence!  (They’re not highly-trained martial artists, wrestlers, or boxers.  In fact, most have no training at all.)
  • The secret to breaking down the human body and making it non-functional almost instantly, ending the encounter on YOUR terms.  (This is important because, most violent encounters only last 5 seconds.)
  • How TFT mimics beginning firearms training… or… why it’s slow, steady and silent!  (People understand this with firearms, because the consequences are dire. But they tend to throw it out the window and blast full-speed ahead when training without a weapon.  That’s wrong, and you are going to learn why.)

Live Class, Lesson #1:

The Mechanical Facts Of Violence
Chris Ranck-Buhr, Master Instructor

  • The little-known secret to breaking the human body with your bare hands!
  • Why we don’t train you to talk yourself out of situations or run away.  (Not that you shouldn’t ever do these things, but there’s a specific reason and easy explanation for why we don’t bother to train you to do either one.) 
  • Why it’s actually harder to teach TFT to adults—especially American adults—than children.  (This “quirk” holds the master-key to you getting maximum results.)
  • 3 reasons why we go slow—VERY slow—in training!  (And it’s not safety, although TFT is incredible safe to practice.) 

Live Class, Lesson #2:

Initial Target Assembly
Target Assembly — Eyes

  • The intent you should have when going after a thug’s eyes.  (Most people get this wrong… and lose a huge advantage, while giving the attacker the upper hand.)
  • What you absolutely must do to actually injure the eyes.  (If you get this wrong, it is wasteful and dangerous.  Many people have—as a last resort—tried to incorrectly injure the eyes of their attacker while being strangled and ended up in the morgue.)
  • Why you should never “aim to miss” while training.  (Of course, you can’t make contact with the eyes. But… you’ll see how to “stay on target” safely.)
  • Two reasons why the best position for attacking the eyes is while your assailant is on the ground.
  • What is meant by “the step is the strike” and why you need to tattoo this on your brain!

Live Class, Lesson #2:

Initial Target Assembly
Target Assembly — Ring of Neck

  • The “holy trinity” of throat strikes.  (WARNING: These can all be lethal.)
  • Three ways to strike the neck when a person is on their hands and knees.  (You also have 2 different striking surfaces you can use.)
  • How to ensure your bodyweight is always fully into any strike!  (By the way, the universe and laws of physics could care less if you’re nearly all muscle or have 40% bodyfat, if you strike right, every ounce of you will go into causing an injury.  After all, why do you think football lineman put on as much weight as possible… to the point of being technically obese?)
  • Why we don’t teach hand strikes… and… what to use instead.  (It’s a superior striking surface and far tougher to take you out of the fight.)

Live Class, Lesson #2:

Initial Target Assembly
Target Assembly — Groin

  • Two results you want from a groin strike.  (Almost everyone gets this wrong, because it is not about damaging genitalia.  And gender makes zero difference.)
  • Why you think of “cleaning off your cleats” and “kicking the stump” when striking the groin. (This is key for two reasons, (1) causing injury to the attacker and, (2) injury-avoidance for you.)
  • Why—when you are on the ground—you always want to think groinGroinGROIN!
  • Why you never want to worry about hitting hard… and… what two things you should really be focused on to increase your chances of causing debilitating injury to your attacker.

Live Class, Lesson #2:

Initial Target Assembly
Target Assembly — Ankle

  • How to put an attacker on the deck quick as a whistle.  (This is far easier, effective and smarter than trying to man-handle someone to the ground.)
  • The exact 1 square inch target area you want to strike on the ankle both from the inside and the outside!
  • The secret behind “crossing the ‘T’” with your skeletons.  (This is critical to rapidly injuring your assailant.)
  • The four most bullet-proof ways for you to strike the ankle and send a thug a message he messed with the wrong guy.

Live Class, Lesson #3:

Free Practice & Additional Target Assembly
How To Free Practice

  • 7 things you already know how to do that will cause debilitating, non-functional injury to a bad guy.
  • Three things you should focus on that make it most likely you’ll get an injury that will take your attacker OUT of the fight, which… is always your #1 goal.  (Not one of these is any kind of fancy technique.)
  • How to determine when you should turn your back and “get the hell out of there.”  (This is not about running away, but about knowing when you’re done and it’s safe to leave.)
  • How firearms training is key to showing you the correct way to free practice.

Live Class, Lesson #3:

Free Practice & Additional Target Assembly
Target Assemble — Solar Plexus

  • How to find the solar plexus every time… no matter whether your attacker is standing or on the ground.
  • The two-fold goal in injuring the solar plexus when your attacker is on the ground… and… the 2 ways to strike it for maximum hurt factor.
  • How to spear the solar plexus with your “skeleton” for maximum injury.  (There’s a simple wall exercise that shows you that you already know how to do this.)
  • How even the smallest 105-pound-woman can wreck a 240-pound-man!  (Believe it or not, it’s true.  And you’ll understand why when you see the video demonstration.

Live Class, Lesson #3:

Free Practice & Additional Target Assembly
Target Assemble — Knee

  • Why you must always have prior injury before attacking the knee.
  • A simple exercise that automatically sets you up for causing injury to the knee of an assailant.
  • How striking the knee from the back gives you two injuries for one!
  • What you must keep in mind to avoid injury to yourself when training sideways knee strikes.
  • How to easily find the target area for the knee from any position you may be put in.

Live Class, Lesson #3:

Free Practice & Additional Target Assembly
Target Assemble — Lower Margin Of Rib Cage

  • The advantages and disadvantages of this target area… and… how to maximize fight-stopping injury to thugs.
  • How to attack the “false ribs” which are much more vulnerable than real ribs.
  • My BIG WARNING about the “when” and “where” of violent attacks.  (Ignore this at your own peril.)
  • Two ways to strike the lower area of the rib cage when your attacker is lying on the ground.
  • The three keys to causing real injury to the lower margin of the rib cage.  (Leave any one of these out and you might as well just slap him.  It’ll have about the same poor result.)

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice

  • How to strike with your full bodyweight and generate 3 1/2 times more force than using your limbs alone. This is the secret to beating bigger, faster and stronger attackers.
  • The problem with training only high-velocity strikes.  (Once you understand this, you’ll understand why we train “silent and slow” to download the moves into muscle memory FAST.)
  • 4 simple steps to building-a-strike from the ground up for maximum effectiveness.
  • How the Magic Red “X” automatically puts you in the perfect place for delivering maximum power and causing devastating injury with your strikes.  (This is a game changer… and… although it sounds mysterious, it’s actually a simple concept that you’ll master in a few minutes.)
  • A simple metaphor for multiplying your striking power.  (If you keep this in mind, you’ll always deliver more force to your target.)
  • How to injure an attacker by using his own bodyweight against him.

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice
It’s Not Magic

  • Why TFT instruction feels unnatural at first… and… why that is a good thing!
  • The reason you don’t want to fight, look for fights or train for fighting when it comes to preparing to survive and thrive in violent encounters.
  • The BIG problem with technique training… which… is what everyone else out there teaches.

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice
We Live In A Physical World

  • The truth about violence in the real world… and… how to be prepared for it at all times… whether on the street, a dark parking lot, or your own home!
  • Why trained combat sport fighters are sometimes surprised when they actually injure someone… and… what this means to your success in a real-world, violent confrontation with a thug.
  • A simple mental process that will help you avoid dangerous situations.  (This is the first—and most important—thing you should do to avoid violence.)
  • How to lose your fear of weapons — specifically your fear of weapons being used on you.
  • Four secret steps to getting better, faster at TFT.  (Actually, these secret steps can be applied to speed-learning anything in life.)

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice
Maximize The Physics, Minimize The Physiology

  • Two universal concepts that explain the phrase “maximize the physics, minimize the physiology.”  (Once you understand these concepts, you’ll have the “golden key” to causing debilitating injury.  This also explains how a small woman can take out a vicious, violent, monster-sized street thug.  Sounds unbelievable, I know, but you’ll see why it’s the absolute truth.)
  • How to always change everything in your favor immediately  if you’re in a violent situation.  (This never fails and should be your #1 objective.)
  • Why you never want to think of violence as “fighting”… but rather… a “contest of cruelty.”  (I know this sounds harsh, but the truth isn’t always pretty… and if you don’t play with the same rule book as a criminal, you’re toast.)

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice
Perfect Practice

  • The topsy-turvy truth of how real-life encounters force you to perform worse, not better.  (Most people think they’ll be more motivated and try harder or hit harder… when actually… the exact opposite is true.)
  • Two negative factors of biological fear that cannot be controlled.  (You must learn to “work” with these factors instead.)
  • How to judge the correct training speed.  (Trust me, after training thousands upon thousands of students, I guarantee you train too fast.  And that can get you killed in the street.)
  • Why our most experienced guy in using TFT in the real world trains super-slow.  (Unfortunately he’s had to put more people down than anyone I know using my system.  But in fact, he’s the slowest-training instructor we have.)

Live Class, Lesson #4:

Fine-Tuning Your Free Practice
The Brain Can Only Go Where It’s Been Before

  • What you can learn from TFT Master Instructor, Chris Ranck-Buhr’s two near-drowning accidents that can save your life in a violent encounter.
  • How to bypass psychological panic to avoid the “freezing response” when confronted by street punks.
  • Why your goal—psychologically—is to view violence from a winner’s standpoint… that is… the asocial angle.  (Until you get there, you’ll be on the loser’s side automatically.)
  • The #1 thing people who have been trained in TFT—and had to use it in real life—say happened that allowed them to use it automatically and successfully.
  • The first thing you always do in TFT that makes it so effective.  (Not only is it the first thing, it’s the only thing.  You just repeat it, if necessary.)

Live Class, Lesson #5:

Tools — Knife, Baton & Firearms

  • Why we often refer to weapons as “tools” (regardless of what the weapon actually is or does)… and… how all the prior DVDs gave you all the base information you need to work with weapons.
  • The only two correct ways to hold a knife. (Chances are you’re currently doing it wrong.)
  • How much advantage a knife gives you versus bare hands.  (Hint: It’s not as much of a benefit as you think.)
  • The two ways people really stab each other in real-life violence when they are effective.  (No fancy techniques here… just down-and-dirty, get it done, work.  By the way, this comes from FBI data collected on the prison population.)
  • How a knife limits your target areas!  (You need to know this because, there are actually LESS target opportunities—that truly matter—than without it.)

Live Class, Lesson #5:

Tools — Knife, Baton & Firearms
Knife Demo: The Coin-Flip Of Violence

  • Why “knife defense” doesn’t work in real violence.  (You’ll see a video demonstration that conclusively shows the truth about using traditional knife defense techniques… and… why it NEVER works out.  This is what makes prisoners so effective.)
  • Another video demonstration, with two examples that make it glaringly clear what effective knife work is about.  (WARNING: One example is extremely graphic, but the one where the guy actually dies looks like a flesh wound.)
  • Why the person with the shortest achievable “to-do” list wins whether he has a weapon or not.  (NOTE: You obviously want to be this person and you’ll discover how to do it automatically.)
  • The one and only thing—knife or not—that ends all violent situations and trumps everything else.  (You’ve got to get this right, because nothing else matters.)

Live Class, Lesson #5:

Tools — Knife, Baton & Firearms

  • The only two baton strikes you need to be effective… that is… cause non-functional injury that could make a thug turn tail and run!  (You’ll get some simple analogies that make these automatic and unforgettable in your mind.)
  • Three major advantages the baton has over a knife.
  • Why you must remember the baton is not “magic.”  (In fact, once you learn TFT principles, you could have one in your hand and not need to use it at all to end an attack.)
  • Why you never use your hands as the driving force of a baton strike… and… “what” you should use instead.

Live Class, Lesson #5:

Tools — Knife, Baton & Firearms

  • Two physical principles that must be present at the same time to quickly end a firearm confrontation.  (In reality, these must be present to end any confrontation whether a weapon is involved or not.)
  • Why you must never focus—or grab onto—a weapon… any weapon!  (This is even more important when facing a firearm.)
  • The #1 mistake almost everyone—trained or not—makes when a gun is involved. (Many policemen make this mistake too…)
  • An additional step you need to add into “gun defense” versus other weapons or hand-to-hand.  (It’s crucial to keep from getting shot… but… don’t worry, it’s extremely simple.)

Live Class Lesson #6:

Multi-man and Grabs, Holds & Chokes

Multi-man — Initial Practice

  • The #1 physical (and also mental) trait you need to develop when facing more than one attacker. (And why you should ALWAYS assume multiple attackers.)
  • The surprising reason penetration and rotation into one attacker removes you from harm’s way from a secondary attacker.
  • How to simultaneously strike and do a figure-8 scan of the room for other threats.  (Sounds hard, but it’s really quite an easy, natural movement once you’re shown how to do it. It’s like having eyes in the back of your head once you know the secret.)
  • Why (and how) you take each attacker out of the fight sequentially, one-at-a-time.
  • The three main “rules” of multi-attacker confrontation that allow you to dominate the situation!
  • How one Black Belt magazine contributor equated this multi-man section of beginning TFT instruction to a high-level Aikido master’s super-secret technique.  (He had just attended the other Aikido training and the master’s black belts—some who’d been with him 17 years—said they’d never been taught this technique.  Yet it’s the one we teach from the very beginning.)

Live Class Lesson #6:

Multi-man and Grabs, Holds & Chokes
Grabs, Holds & Chokes

  • How we are all hardwired to grab onto someone that grabs onto us… and… why it’s the absolute wrong thing to do.
  • The mindset you want to have anytime someone grabs you.  (This is how you counter your hardwired natural inclination to grab them back… and… how you end the fight, quickly.)
  • How to relax and cause an instant injury to an attacker if they grab you.  (This works from the front or the back… it makes no difference.)
  • The easy way to cause instant injury while you are in a headlock.  (Front or side headlock, it doesn’t matter, because this is position independent.)
  • A “unique-to-women” consideration/position and how to get out of grabs, holds and chokes.  (This is size/strength independent… for you and/or the attacker.)

Live Class Lesson #6:

Multi-man and Grabs, Holds & Chokes
Closing Comments

  • The #1 thing you need to consider after being exposed to the TFT system.  (This is how you stay out of legal “hot water” if you need to use it.)
  • The four criteria the law uses to determine if you acted in self-defense… or not.
  • A startling statistic that reveals how many people die a day from getting punched and hitting their head on the ground.
  • The only three, 100% legally-safe approaches—if you have a choice—to ending confrontations.
  • How your TFT instruction can actually save you from facing serious, permanently life-changing (for the worse) criminal charges. Bad guys should go to jail… NOT YOU!
  • The #1 rule of violence that separates the winners from the losers.
  • Three reasons why TFT works for anyone and everyone while other training systems do not.
  • How TFT makes you the ultimate concealed-carry weapon at all times… everywhere you go.

Pretty amazing stuff, don’t you agree.

But That’s Only Half Of What
We Have In Store For You!

In Part 2 we take you into the quiet of our Las Vegas training studio for “Detailed Instruction.”

But it’s NOT just a “rehash” of the first set.

The first set of Lessons will do everything I promised.

In six hours, you’ll have what you need to defend yourself from violence… and take a bad guy out of the fight.

In fact, all you need to do is watch the first set as fast as you can and you’ll “get” it.

Then the second set cranks up the effectiveness by? downloading the entire system deep into your subconscious.

In fact, you could look at it like this.

The first set is like going to college and getting your bachelor’s degree.

That’s enough to get you a good, nice paying job, right?

It makes you competent at what you do and gives you all of the fundamentals.

Then the second set multiplies that education.

In fact, it works like you’re fast-forwarding all the way through grad school.

It deepens the knowledge and because of the accelerated learning techniques we use, it’s almost the equivalent of getting your PhD.

Why is that?

Because in Part 2 the instructors talk directly to you, as each instructional section of the live class is expanded upon in greater detail. 

You’ll see slow motion, multiple angles, subtle points, expanded descriptions, and more packed onto 6 more Lessons.

This is the additional material there simply has never been time to present during a live class. (Without adding two additional days of training to a class…)  

Here we’re finally able to expand on what you see in the classroom setting by connecting this expanded and detailed studio component.

In fact, it was developed for the many folks I know that get my programs and don’t want to practice!

Not to mention it’s what people use when they’re studying to be TFT Instructors!

Now, for the first time ever, you’re right there with participants in class one minute… then able to watch a more detailed explanation of something that maybe wasn’t quite clear for you during the classroom instruction.

While nothing matches the interaction of live training, in many ways this new video training is actually better (and it’s why all live class attendees want a copy of this as a reference after attending a class). 


Because with the Lessons you can go at your own pace, and watch any parts over to catch the finer points that sometimes can slip by “live”. 


Anytime you feel like you might need a quick refresher of the TFT principles, you can go through the Lessons again.

Getting your hands on this instruction is, like one female student said…

“… simply excellent & affordable life insurance.”

Are you ready to get started?

First, here are a couple video clips—that will help further explain each part—taken from this new series. 

These clips feature Master Instructor, Chris Ranck-Buhr, who happens to also be my co-author of the best-selling book, How To Survive The Most Critical 5 Seconds Of Your Life

What you’ll notice is that in clip #1, taken from the “Live Class” section, Chris is talking directly to class participants. 

You get to be a “fly-on-the-wall”, just as if you’re right there, plugged right into all the dynamics that are part of a live training experience.

Here Chris is now speaking directly to YOU, the viewer.

And since he’s no longer concerned with what’s happening live, in front of him in the class, (“Did everyone get what I just said?”, “Is the guy way over on the right still working with his partner on the last free practice movement instead of listening to the description of this next sequence?”)

… he’s able to focus solely on his topic at hand, breaking things down into more details, showing different angles, pointing out things you need to watch for, etc.

This additional section allows us to break apart an actual live training class in a way we’ve never done before!

Each section or part—12 Lessons total—comes packaged in two high quality.

By now, if you’d stayed with me this far, I’m sure the question you have for me is…

How Much Is The Investment?

Before I tell you, and I promise we’ve done our best—including generous payment terms—to keep the investment in range of as many people as possible, let’s consider the bare minimum it would cost you to get this training information from a “Live Class” (which, by the way, is the only other way you can get it):

Tuition for "Live Class" Training $1997
Round-trip Travel $450
Meals and Lodging (3 days) $525
Rental car, misc other $160
Time away from work ???
Time away from family ???
Total it would cost you to attend a “Live Class” $3132+

Not a small investment.

But the value stacks up even more today with…

Tuition for “Live Class” Trainin…..$2497
Round-Trip Travel………………………$500
Meals And Lodging (3 Days)………$600
Rental Car and Misc…………………..$200
Time away from work………………..???
Time away from family………………???

Total it would cost you to attend a “Live Class”…..$3797+

2 Irresistible Free Bonuses That Push The Value Of “The Foundation Series ” Right Off The Charts…

If you order The Foundation Series right away, I’m going to include these 2 free bonuses…

FREE BONUS #1: The PRO Strike Chart

Value: $25

This 2′ x 3′ 300dpi PDF is a high quality printable poster (take it to UPS Store, or Fedex Kinkos, for example)  master target list identifies the 73 weak areas of the body. You can strike and exploit these to your ultimate advantage

Many members print this out heavyweight poster material with a high-gloss finish and then laminate it to hang on their wall…

FREE BONUS #2: Blueprints of Destruction Book

Value: $59

THE comprehensive self-defense reference “bible”. It shows you everything you need to know about Target Focus Training and how to execute it… in written format.

It begins with what true violence really is…then lays out the entire case why using violence IS the only way to defend yourself against it! After that…it takes you step-by-step through the complete set of integrated self-defense tools…helping you internalize the process…

Leaving You Instantly Able To Call On
Any Of Them Should It Ever Be Required!

This Source Book is more a reference manual that lets you dig deeply into the “how” and “why”. The information gives you such an advantage over an unsuspecting criminal… even if… you don’t possess unusual skills or athletic ability. Inside its pages you’ll discover…

These Bonuses Are Worth $383…but Today...They’re Yours With Your Purchase!

Now, about the investment…

The Foundation Series should cost $497.00 because I spent tens of thousands of dollars…and thousands of man-hours…on the production of this program. 

Plus attending live training would cost you well over $3,000 (and that’s conservative)…so $497 is a no-brainer price.

However, I’m offering you an initial run at a discounted price…

I’m doing this for a couple of reasons…

Reason #1: I recently moved into a new facility here in Las Vegas. So, because I want to start this new chapter right…and because The Foundation Series is one of the first programs people buy before they get “fully immersed” in our world…

We want to reward you with OVER a $300 discount on this new program… I’m betting that you’ll love this program so much, you’ll come back for more TFT products later…

Reason #2: We want to reward you for personally evaluating Target Focus Training…and giving it an honest, risk-free try.

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My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”

While others shorten their guarantees (dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”) …we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as | know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.

There is a Easy Way To Order…

Yes, Tim - I can't wait to get my hands on this newly-updated program that represents the finest evolution of Target-Focus Training to date!

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Look, if you were skeptical as you began reading, that’s understandable. Others were too. All I’m asking is that you suspend your disbelief. At least until you’ve had a chance to personally evaluate The Foundation Series.

I recently taught a week-long seminar to a group of people in the top 1% for the financial space. I’ve taught at this specific event for over 10 years, so I had a general idea of what to expect…

Yet…this year was different from any other.

I listened to the opening presentation, and the message is usually very positive and uplifting…

But for the first time in 10 years..the opening message was all about how we’re entering dark times…

Instead of some motivational speech from the host…I felt as if I was attending a prepper convention. He encouraged his attendees to have things like…

A backup generator for any property…food storage…their own water source…a compound outside of major cities to retreat to…

And he emphasized that they MUST know how to defend themselves from any attacker…

If you had told me 2 years ago that these themes would be seriously talked about at this specific event…

With these types of people attending it…I would think you were crazy!

Yet this is exactly what happened… I never trained a group of this caliber who took every word I said so seriously…You could hear a pin drop because they wanted to make sure they absorbed everything myself and my team taught.

It was one of the most focused groups I’ve ever trained…

So why am I sharing this with you?

Because this was an event people pay A LOT of money to go to…and the entire theme was preparing for the dark times to come.

These aren’t normal people…these are top 1%.

And if they are preparing…shouldn’t you?

There’s never been a time more important than NOW to know exactly how to protect yourself and your family from any violent attack…

If you are serious about being ready for what’s coming…

Now is your one chance to never again live in fear… to take back control of your life… and… not hand it over to some violent, asocial, criminal thug! And it’s all within your grasp right now.

You don’t risk a dime if it’s not exactly what I say it is. My 365-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee is your safety net… just go for it!


Tim Larkin

Creator & Founder of Target Focus Training

P.S. You better hurry if you want the $300 discount and the additional free bonuses… because… once we’re done launching the new facility…the price goes up to $797.00 and the bonuses (valued at $122.97) will go away!

P.P.S. At the discounted price…the cost of this program works out to just $0.53 a day over a year. That’s far cheaper than your average daily “fix” at Starbucks. And I promise you this will benefit you (both physically and mentally) far more than any over-caffeinated, sugar and calorie-bloated, coffee drink.

P.P.P.S. And remember, if at any time (within 365 days of getting the program) you don’t feel like what I’ve said here is true or it’s simply not for you—for any reason, or no reason at all—send it back for a full refund. There really is nothing to lose. There’s no excuse for skipping this life-saving information… so order now!

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