Your Government And The Media Teamed Up Leaving You Fully Exposed…

Why “Defeating Weapons Attacks” Saves
Your Life When Facing A Knife, Gun
Or Other Deadly Threats

“Hey Tim,” my brother yelled down the hall, “Come look at this breaking news headline.”

I walked into the living room and my eyes instantly popped wide open…

“Minneapolis Police: Be Prepared To Give Up Your Phone, Purse & Wallet If Robbed”

I couldn’t believe what I just read…

Over the course of my 25-year career in self defense… where I have trained more than 10,000 people in more than 50 countries on how to deal with imminent violence… with groups such as elite combat units, celebrities and high-status executives, law enforcement agencies, and high net worth families….

This is the WORST headline I’ve seen in recent news and it’s even scarier this was directly from the Minneapolis local government.

The government and media were originally intended to fight for the little guy (us) and they used to do this… but not anymore.

Civilians are being thrown out of their cars and beaten…

We see businesses being destroyed to the point where owners are forced to stand outside like guards to defend their building against looting and rioting… in order to protect everything they worked their entire lives for.

It is more than just “phones, purses, and wallets” being robbed… lives are being robbed for absolutely no justified reason and it needs to STOP now.

What most people don’t realize is that when confronted with an attacker using violence to get something they want…

They make you feel powerless…

They dehumanize you…

To them… you are not a person, you are a barrier to what they want.

In those few moments, all your freedoms from the constitution and bill of rights are ripped away from you.

You no longer able to enjoy the freedoms of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

You have been abandoned and are now at the thumb of these thugs and predators.

All for what most people think are just for materialistic goods…

However… what do you do if an attacker wants more than just materialistic goods?

You are now in a situation where you MUST prepare to do more than just “give up your phone, purse, and wallet”.

But our government and media fail to give you this critical information.

They teach us that a “phone, purse, and wallet” can easily be replaced… BUT the one thing that they don’t preach is that you can’t replace your life… and this is where the government and media have it completely wrong…

What if the attacker is threatening you with more than just their fists?

What if they shove you against a wall and point a knife at you?

Or even worse… feeling the cold metal of a gun barrel held against your head?

What do you do?

You can’t just give them everything they want, pray and hope for the best… that will cost you your life.

In moment like this… there is no government or news to protect you… there is only you and your brain.

And you MUST know how to protect yourself and your loved ones in order to survive the unthinkable moments like this…

Which is why I feel obligated to uncover the information that the government and mainstream media don’t want you to know about the reality of violence.

Defeating Weapons Attacks
Online Course

The Complete Guide To Saving Your Life
When Facing A Knife, Gun Or Other Deadly

Hi I’m Tim Larkin and I am the founder of the most devastatingly powerful, scientifically-proven self-defense system in the world… Target Focus Training.

After years of extensive research, testing, and training… I am finally releasing a completely new and different program that focuses on DEFEATING weapon attacks… not just surviving them!

This is nothing like you ever experienced before when it comes to self-defense…

“Defeating Weapons Attacks” is the first product where I highlight the little know fact that even most counter terrorist operator got wrong…and when you understand how to access these two weapons systems… you will never be unarmed.

When you learn the defeating weapons system… you learn it empty handed which mean the only weapon you have to use is your brain… This approach teaches you to ignore the weapon pointed at you… and instead focus on the real threat in an armed attack… your attacker’s brain.

I want to show you the three key concepts that make Defeating Weapon Attacks unlike anything I’ve shown before…

Three Key Concepts In Defeating
Weapon Attacks That Keeps You
Two-Steps Ahead Of Your

#1: Universal Training Principles

When faced with an attacker who uses either a fist, knife, baton, or firearm to threaten your life… most people think you have to use different tactics and strategies to disarm and stop the attacker.

This couldn’t be further from the truth…

No matter what the attackers tries to use on you… there is one unifying principle that hurts the attacker so he can’t continue…


Instead of having to sort through an encyclopedia of knife defenses, hand-to-hand combat techniques and gun disarms… you only have to know one thing

How to hurt the attacker so they can’t continue…

Click on the quick video clip below to see how no matter what the attacker has… you can use the same principles to cause injury and survive…

#2: Matching Training to Your Skill Level

“Defeating Weapons Attacks” offers stair-stepped progressions so you can actually use the teachings right away instead of having to master them.

We have a specific module you learn called the “The 27 coordination set”…

These lessons are arranged in an easy-to-follow series of progressions…

  • Foundation (basic lessons anyone can do)
  • Challenge (lessons requiring the development of minor coordination skills)
  • Expert (the highest level of execution, showcasing advanced coordination, rhythm and timing).
This gives you material you can use immediately… as well as a roadmap for future training to increase your skill.

#3: The Introduction of “Moving Targets”

Injuring a man who’s taking a swing at you requires a much higher-order skill set… One that’s literally taken years to finalize into a trainable stair-step process… and NOW I have found a way to show you how to deal with moving targets using the same fundamental principles. You’ll be right there as we look at how that attempted swing at you is actually an advantage for you… and how to injure the moving attacker and take their balance from them, and then use it for further injury. And the beautiful thing is that none of the fundamentals are altered — it’s all still ATTACK & INJURE… just applied to solve a new problem. This new stair-step process allows you to dramatically transform yourself from being defensive to offensive… even when you’re NOT the first to move!

Exactly What Your Getting…

Part 1: Weapons And Vectors Introduction

What’s the main difference between the UFC and street violence? One word…


The UFC has specific rules put in place to keep their athletes safe. In the real world, there are no rules…

For example, in the UFC, you cannot attack your opponent in the groin area (or as we might say, the nuts).

In the real world, nothing is off limits, and that groin punch could be the difference between life or death when faced with imminent violence.

From the start, Defeating Weapons Attacks clearly shows what dealing with “real” violence is all about. I show specific examples of what it’s like to be in actual life-or-death situations.

These are the types of situations our government and media won’t talk about and simply ignore…

In order to understand what “real” violence is, you MUST understand Vectors…

Vectors are imaginary lines of force that intersect our body that we do not want to intersect with.

For example… if a thug is pointing a gun at your chest… the “vector” is that imaginary straight line from the end of the gun barrel to your chest.

It’s obvious that we don’t want to be at the end of that vector, but having a clear understanding of this concept is critical in surviving a violent encounter.

Part 2: Knifes, Batons, & Firearms

The second portion of Defeating Weapons Attacks covers knifes, batons, and firearms… but in a completely different process than before.

Each module shows how to combat against an empty handed attacker as well as an attacker with a knife, baton or a firearm… each at full and slow-speed!

Then… I show you side-by-side sequence of 4 videos in 1… where all 4 videos are playing at one time (Similar to the video above) to demonstrate how no matter what object is throw your way, the principles and technique remain the same.

It’s something I’ve never done before… but you’ll agree that it clearly shows what it means to use the exact same response regardless of the tool you face!

Defeating Weapons Attacks is the most complete package I’ve ever shown in any training environment.

Get $100 Off When You Buy Today!

I’ve been running promotions more than I ever have because I know this information needs to get in as many hands as possible…

We live in an unprecedented time…I see violence on news everyday and from the constant talks I have with my friends in law enforcement and special operation units… it’s only going to get worse.

The information presented in Defeating Weapon Attacks Online is currently priced at $247…


This information is not about the money, this information is about saving as many lives as possible.

That being said, I am offering a drastic reduction of $100 off when you buy today.

So you can own Defeating Weapon Attacks (one of my best products) for $147!

I urge you to take advantage of this offer while it last because you can’t put a price on your life when a violent encounter occurs.

And to make it even better…

There’s No Risk When You Order the
Defeating Weapon Attacks Online Course

My Full Bullet-Proof, No-BS, “I Shoulder All The Risk” 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I want you to experience the transformational feeling that says, “I know how to handle myself, should violence strike.”

While others shorten their guarantees (dropping to 60 or 30 days, and some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not taking it back”) …we made ours LONGER. That’s right. TFT Video Courses are guaranteed for an entire year.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of keeping one eye glued to the calendar.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

I trust you to do the right thing with this Program, just as | know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.

Especially like this unstable economy we are in… it’s intimidating to spend money so I want to make sure you have the peace-of-mind with my 365 day, bulletproof, No BS, I take ALL the risk, 100% money back Guarantee…

After viewing this program I want you to have the confidence to say: “I know how to handle myself should violence strike.”

And, while others shorten their guarantees (dropping to 60 or 30 days… some even saying “to hell with you, buy at your own risk, we’re not giving your money back”)… I made my guarantee LONGER.

The last thing you need while learning something new is the pressure of counting down days.

So I want you to take as long as you need to check everything out with a ONE FULL YEAR guarantee. And if you feel you still need more time, just email [email protected] to arrange additional time.

But if for any reason you’re unhappy then just bring it to my attention and I’ll make sure you receive an immediate refund of your entire purchase price and still let you keep the program. trust you to do the right thing with this program, just as I know you trust me. I think that’s the fair thing to do.

This is more than a guarantee. It’s my personal promise to you!

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

P.S. I applaud you for reading this because most people just run out and buy a gun thinking it will protect themselves… but you understand that real self-protection starts by training your brain, not by buying a tool.

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